BladeZ XTR Street, bad controller? Replace from Schwinn?

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BladeZ XTR Street, bad controller? Replace from Schwinn?

I've got a BladeZ XTR Street (not II) with what I think is a bad controller. Flipping the power switch does nothing (no green light, no heat from any component, no working throttle). I've otherwise verified that the batteries (2x12V) and motor are good. I am unsure how to test the throttle, brake switch, and the smaller pair of wires from the motor. I have not connected the charger to the controller to try charging the batteries, relying on an external charger instead while testing.

My controller is labeled "GHCM41401" and "NA690". It has red and black leads for the batteries, a large 4-pin connector for what looks like a fuse on the red battery wire plus three more smaller wires (red, black, white), a large 2-pin connector for the motor's power, a small connector for two smaller wires from the motor (or brake?), a small connector for two small wires from the brake handle, and a 8-wire connector for the power switch and led and charging jack.

I have as a potential replacement a controller from a 36V schwinn of similar power. It is labeled as "DC Brush Motor Controller" "Input Voltage 36V" "Control Voltage 1-4V" "Output Current 25A(M)" "Make Date 2006-03-09". It has two wires for the battery, two for the motor, two for (unknown), and six for that scooter's power and charging panel.

Might this work? I expect running a 24V motor off a speed control rated for 36V won't be a problem. Mapping all the wires is where I'm in the dark, though. Any thoughts in that direction would be appreciated, as would any potential sources for otherwise compatible controllers that don't cost $100+.

This scooter (as near as I can tell):

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