EVT 168 losing range

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EVT 168 losing range

Hi all,

I've been driving my evt 168 to work (only a 5 mile round trip) for a while now, and it seems like I am losing range. I used to be able to get about 22 miles out of a single charge and then it would be consistently on yellow, so I'd charge it. Now after about 15 miles it hits yellow and pretty quickly goes to red. It completely died on me one day at just 19 miles. I was going up hill when it happened and very close to the parking lot, so I just parked it and then was able to ride it back home after work (mostly down hills) before it cut out in my driveway at like 20 miles.

Tonight, I had 15 miles on the trip meter, ran out to the store and it hit red on only 18 miles. Today is Thursday and I last charged it Sunday night.

It really seems like I am steadily losing range.

I've had the scooter for less than a year and only have a little over 400 miles on it. I usually charge it once or twice a week.

Is it better to let the batteries get low and then charge it, or is it okay to charge it up often? I have the Lithium batteries, not the lead.

Anyway, is this common? Any suggestions?

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Re: EVT 168 losing range

Yes, it is MUCH better to charge the lithium battery BEFORE it is fully dead! Running lithium batteries down too far will cause DAMAGE, whic may have occurred when you operated after the RED light. If you replace the battery, charge it sooner!--Bob Curry

Robert M. Curry

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