Schwinn MissileFS unknown electrical problem

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Re: Schwinn MissileFS unknown electrical problem

Don't know yet. Jackass didn't make it or call, and his store is only open Thursday through Sunday.

We're ordering one off Ebay cheaper, so we'll know pretty soon.

I SHOULD, after all, show some voltage across the two connected XLR pins, correct? (Two wires... two connected... other is unused... solders are good... had to check because as a sound engineer 90% of my problems that aren't operator error are a bad XLR connection.)

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Re: Schwinn MissileFS unknown electrical problem

You should be able to plug the probes on your voltmeter into the charge port on the scooter and get a reading of pack voltage. If you don't, there is a wiring/connection problem. Some "smart" chargers will not even turn on if they don't sense a voltage, or if it's not high enough to start charging.


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