XM-4000 How to attach wind screen?

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XM-4000 How to attach wind screen?

So, I got ride my XM-4000 to work everyday this week. First time I got it street legal and working. Anyway how do I attach the front windscreen? I just found the screws and clips in the tool bag. However, how do I get the screws and clips under that front cowling? How much of the front cowling pieces need to be removed?

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Re: XM-4000 How to attach wind screen?

I have an XM-3500li and I'm guessing they share the same body.

There are two screws on the front of the bike, just below and on either side of the running light. Remove those. Then there is a third bolt that runs vertical to the ground. It is up in the front wheel well. You may need to steer the bike all the way to the left or right to remove that one.

OK, you've removed all three bolts/screws that hold this Y-shaped cover on. Stand facing the front of the bike. The Y-shaped cover is now only attached with guide rails. You should be able to pull this piece off by sliding it down and towards you.

This should reveal four screws, two on each side. Remove those, and then remove the six screws on either side of the dashboard. The "hood" can now be removed. There will be quite a few wires attached to it that run to the dashboard, don't bother disconnecting anything. The windscreen should be able to slide through the slits in this hood. Then, once the tabs are through the holes attach the metal retaining clips. Screw in the windshield.

You might want to familiarize yourself with what's under the hood while you have things apart. The small metal box is the DC-DC converter, and one of the wires leading out of it is a 20A fuse holder. You can also access the headlights and running light from inside here.

Once you're done, reverse the process by reattaching the hood and the Y-shaped cover.

Hope this helps,

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