Advice on using the Shi Shang Scooter in the rain

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Advice on using the Shi Shang Scooter in the rain

Hi all, im new to all this, im intested in getting a Shi Shang electric scooter off a friend. Ive have read the manual and it states not to be used in the rain. Does anyone have any expereinecs with this scooter or similir, and is it ok to be used in wet weather i live in the UK and we get alot of it :)
Look forward to getting some advice

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Re: Advice on using the Shi Shang Scooter in the rain

I wouldn't worry. I've ridden a YongKang Crown and then an XtremeB600 for about three years rain and shine in Maryland. The only weather I won't ride in is frozen snow.

If you felt handy, you could go through and use self-amalgamating tape to wrap the sensitive bits. There really isn't much waterproofing on these scoots, but rainwater doesn't conduct much electricity.

Just to be on the safe side, I'd inspect the various plugs for corrosion every couple of months. You might replace the power phase
connectors with grub screw terminals instead. They have to carry the heaviest current.


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