Anyone know these LiFePO4 cells? (no pics sorry)

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Anyone know these LiFePO4 cells? (no pics sorry)

I bought a pack of 22 LiFePO4 cells for $125 from someone on craigslist.
They are supposedly rated at 20ah each...

After testing each one, I've found 12 of them are 16ah or better.... 8 of them are about 12-14 ah each and two were at 8ah each

The guy sold them to me for $125 which isn't bad..

I'm just curious, who manufactured them...

They are SQUARE cells, have screw top battery terminals and weigh approximately 1lb each(guessing weight)
They are NOT thundersky cells. They are individually wrapped in a thin BLUE plastic covering...

Any clue who these are manufactured by?
(yes, they are LiFePO4's... Not LiPo's)
They have a nominal voltage of 3.2 to 3.3.
With them in series for 36v the voltage sag is minimal (maybe to 37v from 39.3)

Any ideas? I only have an iPhone so I can't upload any pics. :(

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