Speculation - Searching for TTR FWD Diesel RWD Electric conversion

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Speculation - Searching for TTR FWD Diesel RWD Electric conversion

Greetings -

I've been over in the scooter forums mostly, having put 2600 miles on an EVD scooter. Eventually I want a highly efficient full body vehicle that makes financial sense. If people are interested I can get into the payback calculations. Short story is that even if costs are down to .05/mile, to get a 5 year payback you can't spend much more than 10K on the vehicle.

So, anyway, like most of us here I am frustrated that the euro models are so much better. Like the Peugot 308 TTR diesel hybrid. Yes, I am aware of the XR3 build it yourself. I understand the advantages of the reverse trike layout. There is a deal-killing disadvantage, though. The center rear wheel must take a very difficult track over the road - avoiding holes, bumps, and debris is impossible and ultimately unsafe.

Lately I have been imagining a layout like this: small turbodiesel front wheel drive, with fully separate electric rear wheel drive. Essentially a through the road diesel hybrid.

Would love to contact anyone who is aware of or has done such a conversion. Thanks!

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