TTXGP 2010 Final Albacete - Second day report

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TTXGP 2010 Final Albacete - Second day report

The second day started off chilly and cloudy and foggy. Late in the afternoon yesterday it clouded up, overnight it stayed cloudy, and there was supposedly a 50% chance of rain. The clouds cleared off by mid morning. The first qualifying round was run in slightly misty cold conditions at 9:45 AM. I made a writeup elsewhere: TTXGP 2010 final at Albacete; First qualifying round There was a second qualifying round in the late afternoon during bright clear windless warm conditions.

Overnight they installed the "secret weapon" Agni motors on Jenny Tinmouth's bike. But for the first round they didn't change anything other than the motor, same sprockets and same controller setting. In that round she finished 1 second ahead of teammate Rob Moon. But by the second round in the afternoon they'd changed a couple things and she gained several seconds.

You'll not see in the results below anything for SMP Racing. They'd bought a motorcycle from eCRP - UPDATE: eCRP leased the motorcycle to SMP Racing ("too unpredictable to sell"). eCRP designed their own motorcycle frame, and used the twin Agni drive train and Kelly Controllers like Mavizen is doing. But with the eCRP they sold (UPDATE: rented) to SMP Racing, that bike is having no end of trouble and wasn't able to get on the track. They've tried several different firmwares and been in contact with Kelly over and over, but no luck.

In the first round Campus Francorchamps got on the track but had to retire pretty quick. In the second round you see they made it through and did really well. They, too, are using the twin Agni drive train, but on IIRC a Yamaha chassis.

Everybody picked up speed during the day. We're having a nice relaxing time chatting with each other and enjoying each others company. I'm so intrigued that the UK series seemed to have the same sort of camaderie family feeling that the North American series had.

First round results

  1. #49, Matthias Himmelmann, Munch Racing, 1:46.534 best lap
  2. #40, Alessandro Brannetti, CRP Racing, 1:46.791 best lap
  3. #59, Chi-Fung Ho, Zongshen Racing (Agni Motors), 1:51.673 best lap
  4. #61, Peter Linden, Morris Motorcycles, 1:53.550 best lap
  5. #65, Antonio Maeso, Tork India, 1:54.159 best lap
  6. #68, Pete Ward, Electric Hussar, 1:55.800 best lap
  7. #77, Jenny Tinmouth, Team Agni, 1:56.324 best lap
  8. #69, Rob Moon, Team Agni, 1:57.194 best lap
  9. #36, Thomas Schuricht, Munch Racing, 1:58.629 best lap
  10. #23, Jennifer Bromme, Werkstatt Racing, 2:10.002 best lap

Second round results

  1. #49, Matthias Himmelmann, Munch Racing, 1:43.874 best lap (1:46.534)
  2. #40, Alessandro Brannetti, CRP Racing, 1:44.484 best lap (1:46.791)
  3. #59, Chi-Fung Ho, Team Zongshen, 1:47.671 best lap (1:51.673)
  4. #47, Gregory Fastre, Campus Francorchamps, 1:48.270 best lap (DNS)
  5. #77, Jenny Tinmouth, Team Agni, 1:49.939 best lap (1:56.324)
  6. #61, Peter Linden, Morris Motorcycles, 1:50.921 best lap (1:53.550)
  7. #68, Peter Ward, Electric Hussars, 1:51.051 best lap (1:55.800)
  8. #65, Antonio Maeso, Tork India, 1:51.657 best lap (1:54.159)
  9. #69, Rob Moon, Team Agni, 1:56.020 best lap (1:57.194)
  10. #36, Thomas Schuricht, Munch Racing, 1:58.591 best lap (1:58.629)
  11. #23, Jennifer Bromme, Team Werkstatt, 2:05.644 best lap (2:10.001)



Jenny Tinmouth's #77 bike with the new motors


That's Cedric Lynch in the middle, Arvind on the right (CEO of Agni Motors). Cedric is behind the Lynch Motor, Agni Motors, and the ETEK and Mars Motors were/are both manufactured under license from Cedric. Some other companies made motors based on this technology but w/o licensing it properly.








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