CuMoCo: End of Year Sales Event

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CuMoCo: End of Year Sales Event

Order now and beat the price increase and apply for the 10% US Federal Tax Credit (and any State incentives).

More details here:

We have a limited number of bikes that will be available before year end. If you order now you can beat the price increase that we'll be introducing next year (because we've upgraded various aspects of the bike during the early-production process). You will also be able to take advantage of the 10% tax credit (worth up to $750) on your 2010 tax return - along with any state incentives (folks in Colorado can buy one of our Deluxe / C130 bikes for less than $3000 - which is less than half price!).

If any of you want to take advantage of this offer but know you won't be riding until spring then we offer delayed delivery (and as long as you pay before 12/31/2010 you own the bike and can take the credit - we're just storing it for you).

As the press release says - the last 6 US Presidents have all said we need to reduce our oil usage. What are you waiting for? ;-)

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