BattEQ for Li-Ion

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BattEQ for Li-Ion

BattEQ for Li-Ion
Lithium Ion batteries have the potential to solve many of the energy storage problems preventing mainstream adoption of electric vehicles. However, this promising technology is more expensive and poses increased safety risks compared to other battery chemistries. Use of BattEQ on lithium ion batteries increases their performance, lifetime and safety. SmartSpark has developed BattEQ models for Li-Ion batteries in the following applications:

* Electric Vehicles (cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc)
* Hybrid Vehicles
* Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)

FWIW see [node:119]

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Re: BattEQ for Li-Ion

Here's a link to the source

It appears on their site to be preliminary .. I take that given they publish lots more data on the lead acid battEQ and much less for the Li-ION version.

- David Herron,

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Re: BattEQ for Li-Ion

Umm, wouldn't any respectable lithium battery pack come with a BMS to take care of this already?

FYI, your link doesn't work.

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