Big A123 Cells "Automotive Class Lithium Ion"!!!!

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Big A123 Cells "Automotive Class Lithium Ion"!!!!

A123 on their site now shows their new large cells for Automotive Class applications. Looks awesome! Finally no more 60 cells in a pack you just need 10 ;) No spec that I could find and still can't get them as developer packs so we may not really see them soon:

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Re: Big A123 Cells "Automotive Class Lithium Ion"!!!!

Those are some SEXY batteries! Looks like they are targeting OEMs.
I am going to send them an email. I will follow up if I find out more


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Re: Big A123 Cells "Automotive Class Lithium Ion"!!!!

I remain skeptical.

Their slick but technically uninformative web pages come very close to saying that they have no interest in supporting a developer of a simple, plug-in electric. Such a vehicle could be far cheaper, reliable, and provide a far smaller environmental footprint than a jazzed up oversized IC engine "hybrid" built by the big manufacturers, while providing 97% of the utility needed for a personal vehicle.

One can read between the lines a sense of A123 not wanting to step on big-Detroit's (or big Yokohama's) toes.

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Re: Big A123 Cells "Automotive Class Lithium Ion"!!!!

There was an article about these folks in the July 2007 issue of Popular Science. They were touting the capabilities of the new Dewalt DC300K cordless circular saw and the new M1 Nanophosphate batteries made by A123Systems and how it charges in minutes and lasts a decade. But they were more excited about the possibilities of using the lithium ion batteries to power an electric car. Reaching 80% of charge in 5 minutes rather than 5 hours would open the floodgates of electric car production.

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Re: Big A123 Cells "Automotive Class Lithium Ion"!!!!

The huge automotvie industrial is a big chunk for any battery maker. If such battery installed in a Ford, then there is no need to do battery replacement anymore. And this bettery is so environmentally friendly, so cost of future generations is much smaller then using 100-years-ago-technology lead acid battery.
The problem is the unit cost too high at this moment, before reaching economic scale. It's about 6-8 times higher compare with acid battery's, that I heard from another battery maker call PHET producing based on very similar technology. You can check their web site for more detail.
What is the size of economic scale? The tech. VP of PHET told me "Something like through 10 times bigger from now". When reach the sweet point, average price should be 2-3 times compare with the acid battery. If consider far longer life time and environmental cost, it accturely cheaper. It's really hard to say how soon they will go that far. But I heard Tesla recently decide to use battery from this company. And simply a 2000/yer EV sports making company would consume their capacity double or even trible.
I personal think the battery is a last milage of EV industrial. Obviously, company like A123 or PHET play a key role in the near future. Very happy to share information with you guys.

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