Pictures on parallel'd dewalt packs

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Pictures on parallel'd dewalt packs

A couple weeks ago [node:1335] I posted about my method to parallel dewalt packs but neglected to post pictures. I have them on my computer now.


This first shows connecting to the BMS and to the pack. I bought cables that are 5-conductors within a sheath. I've wired those to the proper connectors, to connect to the pack/BMS.


This second shows how the parallelizing works. In the middle is a terminal block of a design where you stick wires in the side, then screw down a thingy that clamps the wires in place. It's a simple matter of bringing those cables from the BMS and from the two packs all to this terminal block, and carefully matching the related wires.

This looks to me to be a very simple method and easily expandable to more packs than just the two I have right now.

FWIW I haven't installed this on a bicycle yet.

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