BattEQ™: Continuous Charge Balancing

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BattEQ™: Continuous Charge Balancing

BattEQ™: Continuous Charge Balancing

BattEQ BattEQ™, by SmartSpark Energy Systems makes rechargeable battery strings last longer!

BattEQ makes rechargeable batteries last longer by shuttling charge from strong cells to weak cells in a battery string. This patented non-dissipative process increases the life, performance and safety of virtually any battery chemistry; including lead acid, Li-Ion, NiMh and NiCd. BattEQ can be connected as an add-on product, or can be designed to integrate directly with an existing battery pack. SmartSpark has seen performance increases of 250% and beyond in laboratory and field testing. A full product line is currently available, and SmartSpark is willing to create custom units for specialty applications. SmartSpark is also working to incorporate BattEQ into a line of Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Read more about BattEQ. in our growing [node:399]. BattEQ for Lead Acid Batteries Electric Motorcycles and Sport Scooters. Applications BattEQ works with lead acid batteries in applications such as powered wheelchairs and scooters, golf carts, electric motorcycles and sport scooters, pallet jacks, floor scrubbers, and solar packs.

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