DeWalt to make new packs

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DeWalt to make new packs

Hi folks,

Some may not know so I wanted to mention that the DeWalt rep has told me (and seen on the web) that there will be new Nano 18 and 28 volt A123 packs! This is good for those with different series voltage needs. I assume that DeWalt will continue to "lie" about the nominal voltage, ie. a 36 volt pack becomes 33 volts after a few seconds of high-C drain. I used this to an interesting effect. My Alltrax controller can only go to 60 volts. With 2 12 volt batts and then a DeWalt "36" volt, the resting voltages add up to over 60. The controller will not operate (protects itself). So I simply drained the DeWalt pack for a few seconds and then it was under 60 volts for the pack. I then rode the motorcycle (two Eteks) around with no problems. Anyway, don't assume the 18 (due in fall) and 28 volt units will supply 18 and 28 volts but a few volts less each like the 33 volts the "36" volt pack delivers. I probably confused everyone by now...
Jeff K. Burbank, CA

P.S. The 18 volt pack will be backward compatible to the DeWalt tool line but needs a new charger. I doubt the 36 volt charger can be adapted. Hopefully the new 18 volt model will have two or more "ports" but that is just a dream... I also saw somewhere that the are 2.4AH so they may be using the new smaller MI from A123 I have heard rumors about. The RC guys are really excited about that concept.

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