A123systems batteries pump serious power

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A123systems batteries pump serious power

I was just reading through the history of the White Zombie (John Waylands street legal electric drag car) and saw something interesting. He's been racing this car for 15 years (same car) with gradually improving speeds year after year. It's interesting reading the different things he's tried.

This year .. scroll down to 2007 ... in the first half of the year he used a 360 volt pack of Hawker Genesis (Enersys) batteries, these are SLA and with them he got a speed of 12.161 @ 106.59 mph and a couple months later 11.960 @ 110 mph.

Then for the summer he borrowed an A123systems pack from the KillaCycle team (who have set 150+ miles/hr speeds with their motorcycle) and got speed of 11.466 @ 114.08 mph. It says in one caption these are the same cells used in the dewalt packs, but they have their own BMS unit rather than using dewalts.

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