Update on Crystalyte Cannon Kit from ATIV Solutions

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Update on Crystalyte Cannon Kit from ATIV Solutions

I emailed Eric Converse from ATIV Solutions with the following questions:

Hi, I've been researching several similar e-bike solutions including the Bionx and Crystalyte Journey. I am particularly interested in your
product as it features the new Crystalyte Cannon motor, which I think would work well with my Trek 2003 7500 Hybrid. A few questions:

1. Does it have a self-limiting controller like the Bionx? If so, is it defeatable?

2. Does if feature regenerative braking?

3. Is there a pedal assist feature like the Bionx?

4. If Li-ion batteries become available, would it require a whole new system, or could just the battery be swapped?

5. Is there a front-wheel option like the Journey?

6. Is it possible to use a quick-release to remove the motor wheel. I hate the thought of lugging around a wrench to fix a flat!

This was his response:

Great list of questions. First, the Cannon system is a variation on the Journey except it includes a Cannon motor. The system is simple as compared to the Bionx, no regen (is a minor benefit on a light vehicle with substantial air drag), no pedal assist (although it is an option we do not include it w/ the kit), no lcd display (includes led status), and no speed limiter (although it levels out at 20mph on flat ground anyway). This also means there is less to break, the Cannon system is simple and robust.

The design is not quick releasable (requires a 19mm wrench) and currently we only sell a rear wheel system (improves hands free stability of the front wheel).

The system is also much less expensive than the Bionx and is comparable in form and function. It can be upgraded to li-ion.

So, we know a bit more about this interesting advancement in e-bike kits. I'm sure he'd be glad to answer any other questions from the more technical folks here. http://www.ativsolutions.com/

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Re: Update on Crystalyte Cannon Kit from ATIV Solutions

`e_vasive ,
Welcome to our V is for Voltage Community and thank you for the information. As soon as we figure out where to place a Crystalyte Collaborative Hand Books in our EV Collaborative Hand Books,
this will be added.

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