Stealth Electric Monster Chopper

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Stealth Electric Monster Chopper

Stealth Electric Monster Chopper


Dan and gang at Instructables made an awesome electric chopper, he writes - "Fully electric powered monster chopper bike with whopping four-foot forks. An integrated hub-motor and battery packs concealed within the fork make this a snazzy, stealthy cruiser...The main features of this bike are that we used an electric hub-integrated motor, and we used the front fork as the battery compartment." - Link.

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Re: Stealth Electric Monster Chopper

Dual handlebars, that's a first for me.
Looks downright dangereous riding with thongs, shorts and a showercap though ... :?


Electric - Bridgestone MB-1 Mountain Bike

Dave B

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Re: Stealth Electric Monster Chopper

Hah, awesome creation. Not very practical....but looks like fun. I really like the idea of the batteries in the front forks, very cool. No wires hanging all over.

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