EVG ebike 24v upgrade

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EVG ebike 24v upgrade

I have a evg ebike 24v in good condition and I want to upgrade it for a budget of $1000 or so as I really like the frame and styling of the bike. It has a strong frame and powerful brakes and has stood up to some serious rides. Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated on how to get the best for the money. I am hoping to take off the rear pannier and have batteries just in the existing bay and perhaps smaller ones discreetly in a seatpost bag.

I am currently running it at 36v on evp SLA with one brick on the rear pannier, so one idea I have is to buy a 36v 13ah nimh from batteryspace as it fits neatly in the 13 x 4 x 4 bay. Their cost is around $600 for that battery.

However. The 24v 400W heinzmann brushed hub motor is good with strong torque but is noisy and at 36v can just about hit 15mph. This is not so cool for the long miles of open road. I am looking for more like 20 mph or more so I have been thinking of investing in a crystalyte 409 and 48v controller. Cost is a little under $500 for that is what I have found so far. If that is a good idea, one question is whether keeping the 2 x 12v SLA as is in the battery bay and adding one of the small 24v 10ah LI-PO's from batteryspace on a seat post bag is feasible. Or even a 36v li-polymer. I have read mixed reviews on those Li-pos from batteryspace.

Thanks for any advice

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