how to find the best motor andwith/out? sensor

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how to find the best motor andwith/out? sensor

I live in Germany and i have following parts:
- a throttle
- a controller
- a battery (the heavy ones = led, no NiCd norNiMh nor Li)

this 3 parts come from the pedelec:
"Rex E-bike"
which is sold in germany from the bike company "prophete" or ""

my brother has the bike and spare parts are from him so i can test on the bike of my brother some things


now my goal is to use this 3 parts and to complete them with:
- a motor
and then put all this parts together in my bike

well the question is: how to do this properly?

As you have experience in this field i ask you for your inputs:

1. first of all, maybe one of you know a forum/internet/chat adress in germany or france-italy, uk europe where i can search too?
2. are you located in the USA mainly?
anyway, as we are all going global lets try to be internationally the most efficient
3.The controller i have seems to be simple:
-battery input (2 cables)
- sensor input (3cables)
-throttle input/output? (3 cables)
- motor: 8 cables: 3 thick + 5 thins

and: brakes: 3 cables

now my quetions:

3.1 what are the 8 cables for motor?
. every motor needs 3 cables? + thin cables for temperature?+ for ampere no too much?for speed information from motor?
3.2 what about sensor? it seems to be simple , the sensor gets magnetical information that the wheel is moving and then the controller starts: can i put any sensor from any company? can i measure the signals and test it? can i work without sensor? (the bike is then in europa not a pedelec vbut a scooter) how to do it? what input to replace the sensor?
3.3 how do a throttle works with such a controller?
3.4 how do the controller knowas that i run with 25km/h and stop the motorcurrent?because there is a speed information from the motor thin cable?

4. what is a cheap motor i can buy abnd test on this controller? any one or should i ask the german company for their one? or from the china company?(sengzhou bafang science co. limited near shanghai, i found on the web)

well as you see even if i am technically interested and have some knowledge, there are a lot of quetios i try to solve. anyway thank you for your inputs .


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Re: how to find the best motor andwith/out? sensor

Hi visfor,

Does the controller have any model # or part # on it? The more you can tell about the controller the more likely you can get an answer... If you don't have any info on the controller do you have info on the original bike manufacturer? With that then there's more chance someone can track down the info for you.

(sorry I don't have any answers for you :( ).

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