how to test the motor?

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how to test the motor?

i have a pedelec and have problems with it. now the motor is not functionning. of course there may be many reasons. but now i would like to test the motor directly, without controller and throttle and sensor to initiate it. how can i do this?
my idea: take my battery (36V = 3x 12V led battery) and apply the voltage to the motor and see if it works.
but: how to apply the tension? i see from motor to controller 3+5= 8 cables: 3 thick and 5 thin cables. should i apply the 36 V to 2 of the 3 thick cables ? which ones ? WHY ARE THEY 3 CABLES? I HAVE SOME MEMORIES ABOUT MOTORS WITH 3 "WIRES"(?) OR "PHASES"(=?) OR THING LIKE THAT) OR SHOULD I APPLY 12 V ALONE FIRST?
and why are they 5 thin cables? i can imagine:
1-temperature sensor?
2.ampere sensor?
3.speed sensor? (dont think so by such a cheap pedelec) i think speed is approximately given by the sensor who starts the pedelec? (even if it depend on the gear(?) (i have only 3)
thank you for any input

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