The myth of fossil fuels etc.

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The myth of fossil fuels etc.

Glad to be back on the new forum. Hope it gains members. I'll try and post some pics when I have something to show. You gotta love the people who go to the trouble of posting with pictures. I hope to see lots of pics of the finished MB-1 bike!

I just want to say a couple of things. Number one is CO2-plants love it. Planet not getting warmer because of it- it is not the cause.-nuff said I don't want to debate this believe in fairy tales if you want. Fairy tales like a gizillion barrels of oil being made by fossils. Say what you want this is invented by standard oil long time ago. One thing is salt water is almost always with the oil(and is filtered out), 'dried' oil fields coming back and producing a zillion barrels, anyway not the type of stuff you read about, or hear about all this CO2 nonsense in the media. Environemntalists should concentrate on mans modification of the weather and introduction of chemicals in the sky and retarded programs like HAARP (can you say one billion kilowatts of energy pumped into the ionosphere- yeah good idea einstein) if you care about global warming, also plancton and stuff. CO2 is not a big deal at all, anyway I guess many are brainwashed by now.

This in no way affects the love of things Tesla. Gas is dirty, gas can fluctuate in price and availability. Gas is less efficient. On and on. Electric rocks!(in its proper place)

Hydrogen production using high frequency, high voltage between two metal plates, oftimes with light pulsing at same time, has been around for 3 or so decades. I'm talking LA to New York on 20 gallons of water. This is the real hydrogen economy whose time has yet to come try it, post pics when you get it working, and invite us all to your funeral. Basically get a large water jar, put stainless steel pipes in, one inside the other. Put positive on one pipe say the outside pipe and negative on the inside pipe- introduce high frequency, high voltage energy waves and bingo. Hydrogen rising;) Tweak it from there. You gotta love American inventors. (Stan Myers close to if not final words were 'I've been poisoned'). If only he could have sent a thousand prototypes/plans out instead of divulging his secrets to the military.

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Re: The myth of fossil fuels etc.

(Stan Myers close to if not final words were 'I've been poisoned')

I am couriers about this, how was Stan poisoned. I have heard a little about his experments and seen some videos on-line but I did not know he was poisoned. Please explain?

Chas S.
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