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On the Defense. On the Offence.

I'm not wanting to put this on the other thread, but I do want to share my thoughts.

If you buy something from from an online store without checking local prices, why after would someone think it's okay to return it later? If they need a tube but don't take the time to check their local WalMart before having one shipped from another part of the country, whose fault is that and whose time is wasted when they try to return it? If there is a special notice saying the retailer will match any advertised price within 30 days, then a return/partial refund would be expected. It's not something I would do and I guess I don't understand how someone else could waste someone else's time by doing that. If I want to buy something and I'm concerned about the cost, I go out and look for it at other places, online or offline, to find the best price. If I don't fell like taking the time to shop, then I'll pay whatever price I see.

There's another thing about scammers. I had someone contact me about how their scooter broke and were threatening to complain about BSZ to the BBB. They couldn't send me an order number or any detailed information. I ended up looking through my site logs for a matching IP address from the email to give me some sort of clue as to who this was (name/time of order/email address didn't match my records). I found out it was an order from someone else, I contacted this other person about it and found it was the father and the original complaint came from his son.

So I look over the order records, found out he did put in a service ticket but was not replying/responding to Customer Service's questions and was not returning their phone calls. I email the customer asking what happened and the father said the handlebars and forks just broke when his son stepped off the bike, "they just fell apart", and is un-ridable. So I ask him to take pictures of the broken part, the front headlight, sides of the handlebars, and both sides of the engine so I can see what needs to be replaced. About a week later I get the pictures.

One side of the engine has road-rash, the seat is twisted back, both sides of the handlebar grips also have road-rash, the headlight cover is scratched and the gooseneck for the handlebars is not just bent, but completely broken in half. This is not a factory defect, and something like this doesn't just happen when a rider steps off the scooter. But, okay, I start looking into replacement parts to see if I can cut him a break. Then I get another email from his son:

i want my scooter fixed i have had so many problems with it, my dad is soo frustrated that he tells me that he wants to throw it in a ditch!
now seriously im not gonna leave this alone until its fix!
now can u send me a part or a new scooter or something???

reply back!


I look over the pictures again, decide that someone has been abusing this scooter. My reply:

The pictures you sent show that this damage is not caused by a manufactures
defect and therefore not covered under X-Treme's warranty. A replacement part
(Goose Neck) has been uploaded to our XG-470 Parts section for purchase.

If you have additional questions, please contact Travis Baker through your
original support ticket.

About three days later I get the order for the replacement part.

This is the third time someone has tried to BS me about their order. The first two went directly to PayPal's complaint Resolution Center and was dismissed by PayPal without any action (PayPal users know that all disputes automatically favor the buyer, not the seller).

What I'm getting at I suppose is in each of these complaints we need to have the complete information of what's happening on both sides; dealer and buyer. Not that I'm really taking sides, but I've been down that road several times myself already.

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