Can the FAQ link be moved somewhere more noticeable?

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Can the FAQ link be moved somewhere more noticeable?

There are a lot of newbies to EVs that visit this forum every day. And it may be difficult for them to find the basic information that they need first. Some forums have a stickey FAQ thread for each forum. I think the separate FAQ link is great, but it is difficult to find. I think it would help a lot of visitors out if it was placed in a better location, such as at the top of the page with "Archive", "Blogs" "Contact" ect links.

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Re: Can the FAQ link be moved somewhere more noticeable?

Thanks, we're working on that now. If the side block was a snake it would have bitten even many of the old timers.
We're still analyzing all the available analytics data in our effort to make the site more user friendly and easier to navigate.
We're growing so fast, it's now becoming very difficult to maneuverer the site. On 01/18/2007
on our 2 month anniversary we had over 200 different topics, 7 months latter there are 1,154 topics, so what use to work back them isn't working as well now.
Newbies are our future growth both here and in the general EV world, and we feel they are very important to both.
Thank you for you suggestion and input both are always appreciated and welcome.

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Re: Can the FAQ link be moved somewhere more noticeable?

sir i tried to find the faq to see why i cannot post a question on a forum do you have some sort of point system befor yo can post if so how does one aquire the points
thanks for any help
regards invadar


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