The 11th Hour Challenge

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The 11th Hour Challenge

What is your score?

Mine is 196 :)

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Re: The 11th Hour Challenge

235, but in the interest of complete honesty I had to include my wife in the numbers. I love her much in spite of her car driving, airplane-flying ways. (Actually she's getting much better. I think she only used a car one day last week.)

Some of the questions were just plain confusing.

What is your average thermostat setting?

Most yanks have central air conditioners and central heat so the answer to this question changes seasonally. We only have central heat so I answered the question that way wondering if I guessed the meaning correctly.

What is the percentage of your energy comes from renewable resources?

Well, 100% of our electricity comes from wind and 0% of our natural gas does. How do I figure the average?

There were a couple of other questions that I had similar difficulty with.

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