AltCar expo seminar videos now online. (video links)

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AltCar expo seminar videos now online. (video links)

AltCar expo seminar videos now online. (video links)

Courtesy FYI Post

Hi guys. The links to the videos are being resent in text format.

Videos of seven of the seminars from the AltCar Expo ( December 2006 - Santa
Monica, California, USA) are now online. You can see them at the following
links. They are all about 45-50 minutes long each:

- "Panel Discussion/Debate on Alt Fuels/Vehicles"
- "Alt Fuels 101"
- "Ending Our Oil Addiction"
- "Alt Vehicles, Today and Tomorrow"
- "How We Became Addicted To Oil & Break Addiction Now"
- "Where Are The Monorails?"

I would like to point special attention, although they all are great, to the
“Energy, Security…” one presented by former CIA Director Woolsey, and the
“How We Became Addicted To Oil..” presented by Edwin Black. Also, bicycles
and especially electric assist bicycles are mentioned, among other things,
at the “Ending Our Oil Addiction” seminar.

And I welcome comments. And I especially encourage comments to be made at
the blog post itself so others may see the comments and to inspire further
dialogue on the various subjects discussed at that particular seminar.

Cycle Santa Monica!
Empowering Cyclists, Skaters, and Pedestrians
In Santa Monica and the Westside
Using Environmentally Friendly Vehicles
Using Earth Friendly Renewable Fuels

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