E-MAX charger down - HELP!

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E-MAX charger down - HELP!

There we are, 9 months into the service of my last working brave little charger (the little charger that "thought he could..)
...hoping it is just the Thermistor as described by many of you previously...

Would there be any chance someone would send me maybe 2 of those regular mail (I will happily reimburse you and also send you a copy of my Jazz CD as an extra thank you!) - anyone?

If I order them from the mail order service, it will take too long and I have to order a whole box.....something to the tune of 100 pcs. - not really necessary I think....

Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Enclosed: Pic of the culprit C-1 ;-(C1BurntWx.jpg

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Re: E-MAX charger down - HELP!

Few questions:

To verify that it is a bad NTC...

1. Is the red light not lighting when plugged in?

2. Is the NTC Thermistor burnt or cracked in appearance?


1. You can get the preferred, better quality replacement NTC, no minimum quantity, here:


They can get them to you overnight ( (by Tuesday morning) if desired.

2. From your photo, I can see two additional problems:

a. The line-in polarity is wrong. The wire going to the "AC-L" solder point should be the _smooth_ sided wire - not the ribbed one. This is a convention in the US and other 120-volt countries - smooth is the "hot" side of the AC circuit, and ribbed is the neutral side. Incorrect polarity can present a possible shock or fire hazard. I've seen one other e-max charger with this flaw.

b. The line-in wire should not be in contact, or where it can come in contact, with the NTC. The NTC gets hot in normal use and can melt the wire insulation. I tuck and glue the wire against the screw-hole post to the right of the NTC in your picture.

3. Nearly every e-max charger I've seen (about 15 of them) so far has bad or ready-to-go bad rectifier filter capacitors (the two big ones just forward of the NTC). If their tops are bulging, they should be replaced with a higher capacitance, higher ripple-rated capacitor. So you should consider ordering some of them too. More info can be found here:


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