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I've just ordered the xb600 and so I'll let folks here know what I think when I get it. As far as xtreme...this will be my first experience with one of their products. But, if anyone saw my post about "cheap chinese scooters" then you know my feeling. I have had two of the "boreem" type scooters...but supposedly the "cheapest, poorly made" ones....Freedom brands. I've been totally satisfied with both. On my first 24v one the weld holding the steering broke. Lucky I was just barely rolling at the time! I took it apart and had it welded back with some additional bracing...like I'm sure the original designers would have done had they not been trying to keep costs down. And, I "had" been riding sidewalks...clunk, clunk, clunk over the joints every few feet in the sidewalks...alot of stress on any wheeled vehicle. Sure, they're cheap parts, cheaply designed, etc. But the reason is "SO YOU CAN BUY IT CHEAP." Despite that, I'm amazed sometimes at how well they've created these designs at the price they are selling them for. There's still an awful lot of ingenuity, perhaps not so much quality, in the design. I'll state again what I said before here. Most of these are designed with kids in mind. Adults generally weigh more and that puts more stress on the scooters. Me...I weigh what a kid does!...120 soaking wet...52 years old. Always been a small guy. So, for me they perform speedwise well. Also, I'm technically inclined so I can take care of most problems. And again, kids (we know since we were all kids once!) generally just don't take special good care of their "toys"...and even some adults...and they're going to abuse them. If they leave them outside in the rain...how long are the electronics going to last? If they are trying to jump ramps...again, how long are they going to last? And as far as adults...I think again like folks say here...you have to pay for quality if you want it...just as with anything. For a guy like me who isn't looking for daily transportation...or similar...but, just likes electric powered stuff to cruise around the neighborhood, tinker with, etc....mostly flat paved streets...down around the corner to the convenience store, etc. they work just fine and are well worth the money. So, I just say don't give such a bad rap to something that costs you less than a clutch job (maybe just the parts) for the average manual tranny automobile you may have. It's not meant to be that reliable if you're spending less than $1000 on it...it's just not. My .02 worth again!

Obviously, if the adult market for electric scooters ever supports real quality...then the quality will come....along with the price...and in fact it has to some extent...with the Oxygen, former E-Max, etc. Until then why compare "apples" to "oranges?"




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