XM-2000 Battery/Body Panel Access

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XM-2000 Battery/Body Panel Access

Since I removed far too many screws trying to figure out how to disassemble the XM-2000, I thought it might be handy to take some pictures. This is useful for fully accessing the batteries as well as replacing damaged body panels.
Here goes:

1) Remove the seat by first unscrewing the hinge bolt and then taking off the seat.
2) Remove the 4 screws on the storage tray underneath the seat and pry it out.
3) Remove these 5 bolts holding the storage rack and the back of the fairing by the seat lock.
4) Remove the large screw that was underneath the seat hinge bolt and the 2 bolts way down in the battery well.
5) Pull up on the entire seat well slightly and disconnect the charger wire underneath.
6) Unscrew the fuse cover and slide the entire door inside the opening it covered. Don't disconnect the wires.
7) Pull the entire seat well out as one piece.
8)Pull the entire body panel assembly out as one piece as well. Replace panels as needed.
9) Access to the batteries is possible now.

Reassembly of the scooter is the reverse of the above steps.

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