Zero Motorcycles, formerly Electric Motocross

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Zero Motorcycles, formerly Electric Motocross

Zero Motorcycles, .. they're offering an electric motocross bike, and are based in Scotts Valley CA. Hmm, I thought, they look more than familiar. Last year another company in Scotts Valley was offering a very similar looking bike. was that other company, and if you go to their web site it says at the top "Zero Motorcycles, Formerly Electricross".

They showed up at last years Stanford EV Rally and got quite a bit of buzz around them. Some forum members (including me) talked with them extensively.

Last year: The battery pack was made from A123Systems cells scavenged from dewalt packs. It was designed for quick switchout, and the pack is built into a regularized box making it easy to swap out rapidly. ETEK motor, Alltrax controller, custom frame ... the designer is a former NASA scientist.

The new site isn't giving the same details, but it appears to be all the same characteristics.

There's mention they might take what they're learning building race bikes, and build a street bike.

Zero Motorcycles

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Re: Zero Motorcycles, formerly Electric Motocross

Yeah, it is neal from electricross. If you look at the video link on for the electric MX race done at the minimoto nationals you can see neal in the video. Looks like he is making quite an impact and might be able to ride the momentum. Here is another article with him working on a street legal version,+silent+and+green/2100-11389_3-6199962.html

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Re: Zero Motorcycles, formerly Electric Motocross

Hmmm, something doesn't add up. The new bike is listed as $2000, while an additional power-pack is listed as $2,500.

Does anyone know what the specs of the power pack is? Voltage, AmpHour, Size, Weight etc.

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