EVT America R-20 is now in production.

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EVT America R-20 is now in production.

EVT America
We are happy to inform you that the R-20 is now in production. From a mechanical and performance point of view all models are identical. All will be powered by a 2500-watt 60-volt hub motor. Only the body of the R-20 is totally different. Everything else remains the same.

We are aware that the coming of the R-20 will greatly please a large number of members of the Z-20 Waiting List Club and other potential buyers that prefer the classic Retro look. We are ready to start taking orders but we will not be able to accommodate immediately those that wish to purchase an R-20. We should be able to enter production of the R-20 once the first Z-20 start being delivered. There will be a very short waiting period

There is an exciting color selection to choose from. The R-20 will only come in Black, Bright Red, (as in picture) and Silver. These three colors are the classical colors of Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini.




See the whole R-20 web page

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Re: EVT America R-20 is now in production.

this 3 photos look like composed photo and unlike 60V scooter with 5 big batteries.

I have 2 years experience in modification R-20 into electric power,see attached,it should be at least 2 batteries loaded under the pedal.

See attached photoDSC08377.jpg

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