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MORE Energy Workshop Schedule

MORE Energy Workshop Schedule
All workshops run Saturdays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and cost $65 per person. Classroom and
hands-on instruction included, as well as all books, videos and study materials as needed.
Advanced sign-up required by calling 1-800-228-5284.


September 15... Sun, Wind and Water. A basic introduction to the

renewable energy sources of solar, wind and microhydro power

(water) as it applies to generating electricity for your home. New

Bloomfield, MO.


October 13... Advanced Photovoltairs. A more advanced look at

the use and applications of solar, wind and microhydro power systems

for use in generating electricity. Prerequisite is basic Sun, Wind and

Water workshop (September 15). New Bloomfield, MO.

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