Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

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Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

I have the old school x1500 and it worked well for a while but now they have released the 2000xr and is equipped with A123 batteries. Thing was already pretty light with the lead acids. I just wish they would loose the friction drive. Price is kind of crazy but you can check it out for your self:


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Re: Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

Deafscooter is Here...

here problem on Go MotorBoard
Fricton rear wheel..... Can damaged the rear wheel if you glide the water ....

Warning! Our TranSporter motorboards motorized scooters are not toys.

===> DO NOT ride TranSporter motorboards in the rain or in wet conditions. Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility. The risk of accident is dramatically increased in wet conditions.
=== > Avoid roadways, paths, or other areas used by motor vehicles. Avoid sandy areas.
===> DO NOT carry passengers or operate with more than one rider.
===> DO NOT operate TransPorter motorboards in traffic or wet, frozen, oily, or unpaved surfaces. Avoid potholes and surface cracks.
===> DO NOT immerse in water, as it will damage the motorboard's electronic components.

Craig Uyeda

My Small Fx1 can do everything also ride in rain day without problem .... ( Fx1 use belt drive )

check out ==> http://www.austinev.org/evalbum/preview.php?vid=1236


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Re: Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

I totally agree there friction drive sucks and I love your running air filled tires too. Your fx1 was a little more expensive at $1675 and only using Nimh. You could shed some more weight off if you went to a123 also.

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Re: Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

I don't understand the hesitation or the criticism. Rarely do we find manufacturers who listen and have reasonably successful business models.

GSG seems to be trying. Sure friction drive isn't the best, but look past it and you're got the lightest, most advanced scooter out there.

My questions are:

1) What's the new range?

2) Is regenerative braking from the 1500X back? Or lost forever?

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Re: Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

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Re: Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

I had a 1500 and thought it was a very good scooter. Except... the lack of suspension made it so any less-than-perfectly-smooth surfaces would make for a teeth rattling ride. Woah, that was crazy. And any crack in the sidewalk threatened to throw you to the ground.

I'm glad they have suspension now .. I haven't heard any rider reports, so it's not clear what real difference it made.

Yes.. it being a friction drive, you can't ride it in the rain. So long as you know that, then it's not that big a deal, right? Except if you're relying on this for your transportation. I'd hate to be stuck somewhere, it's raining, carrying the scooter that's rendered useless by the rain.

It's curious on the 2000XR info page .. they show a battery pack picture, that if you look elsewhere on the site that picture is for their NiMH pack, but they say it's A123 batteries. I wonder what's up? Did they reuse the pack design, or has the graphics department just not caught up with the new battery pack?

It's not clear about the regenerative braking.. Normally I find regen to be doubtful in usefulness, but on the 1500 it worked pretty well. The 2000XR description says "Innovative Free Wheeling design" which sounds like there's no regen (since it freewheels). But it's hard to tell if there's any other braking system. The pictures aren't framed for clarity, but for other purposes.

- David Herron, http://davidherron.com/

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Re: Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

Their blog talked about regenerative braking -- they removed it for the 2000 model (the first edition of it) because they realized, correctly, that it didn't generate more power but it did use alot of power since you couldn't coast, so you had to use throttle just to maintain speed. By removing generative braking and allowing free-wheeling, someone can ride it like a kick scooter, using short bursts of power to get to speed, then coasting for a bit.

I respect the Go Motorboard and it seems like a neat toy, though that's all it really is. The ride is extremely rough since the tires are solid and even a tiny puddle on the ground and mess it up. Never mind rain; roads often have some moisture on them just from things like sprinkler systems that had been running the previous night.

It's nicely engineered, but it needs to have pneumatic tires at the very least. The friction drive can be somewhat forgiven since it does keep the scooter silent. Still, the GoPed ESR-750 is far more practical (similar price, pneumatic tires, chain drive, 20+ mph, great hill-climbing, better range, but weighs 50 lbs).

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Re: Go Motorboard 2000XR NEW using A123

Hey All, I'm hoping someone here can help me out, I'm completely new to this, but found the group by doing a Google Search. I just purchased a Go Motorboard 2000X from Craig's List - mint condition, some wear on the tires and 2 batteries. It came with the original battery (which the guy said could still work) and what was supposed to be a brand new battery (never used). When I got home, I charged the "new" one about 8 hours + and got about 30 seconds worth of juice on it until I went from full battery to nothing. I am pretty sure that I charged it correctly. Just plug the battery in and connect the charger (I made sure that the scooter was off), right? I did this a few times throughout the past 2 days with both batteries, but get the same result on both.

Any suggestions? Ideas?

The guy who I bought it from seemed like a good guy and promised me that it worked. Is it possible that the "new battery" having never been used, never took to a charge and will never work? Is there a special way I have to charge these battery's, a sequence, or something that I'm missing.

What is my best bet in fixing this. Your suggestions above are something that I just am not capable of understanding, it all sounds a bit foreign to me (kudos to you guys). I read about upgrades to batteries (more power, longer life etc). Am i just too nice of a guy and took someone's word on it working.

I have had a hard time getting people who know about this stuff and or reaching Roth themselves.

Any help would be appreciated and helpful.

Thank you!

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