need throttle troubleshooting help

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need throttle troubleshooting help

My scooter is a "boreem" type....freedom 959. Today, as I was riding I let off the throttle and was coasting and when I went back on the throttle there was little to no power...barely running the motor...and even when I don't turn the throttle there is some power to the motor.

I'm suspecting either the throttle has gone bad...or a controller problem...or a short in one of the wires from the throttle to the controller. Can someone tell me how to check/test the throttle to see if it is working properly? The throttle apparently has 3 small, black and brown coming from it to the plug that plugs into the female side going to the controller. There's also a blue wire going into that plug...but it comes from a separate set of wires and I suspect it is either something to do with the speedo or batt meter. How do these throttles work? Can somebody give me some help here...troubleshooting advice, etc.??? I'd really appreciate it. Reply here or private message either one.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Re: need throttle troubleshooting help

Even though I got no reply here...just wanted to let those know who might encounter a similar problem...that it was in fact a bad throttle. Replaced it and runs like a champ again!



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Re: need throttle troubleshooting help

Hi Gushar,

Sorry that you got no reply but very glad to hear that you found out what the problem was.
We appreciate that you posted the fix. This may well help others with a similar problem.
Very glad to hear that it "Runs like a champ again" !!

Thank You,

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