O.E.M. Solar Scooter

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My E-Toy
Is a real solar scooter, as in, was made that way.
MiniSport, SS 2000 (red) Solar Scooter.


•Dual speed settings: "turbo" (0-15mph) and "economy" (0-9 mph)
•Range: 18 miles (distance varies with rider weight, tire pressure, terrain and other variables)
•Capacity: 300 lbs. on level ground; 200lbs. up a 10 degree grade
•Drive Train: 24V permanent magnet DC electric motor; High-torque 10:1 reduction transmission; Sealed precision ball bearings for wheels
•Braking: Two enclosed drum brakes, manually-controlled via morot-scotter-style handlebar levers; Dynamic motor-braking system controlled via a push-button swotch on handlebars
•"Smart" Controller actively charges the battery while coasting
•Controls/Guages:Acceleration-deceleration via motor-scooter-style, twist gripe throttle control; Key switch on/off; Economy/Turbo speed control switch located on left handset for easy switching; Horn button; Speedometer with intergrated analog volt meter (SS2000); Manual headlight/taillight switch (SS2000); LED volt meter (MiniSport)
•"Smart" Digital Electronics: Automic shutoff after five minutes of non-operation; Over-discharge protection for increased battery life; Delayed acceleration circurity for smooth starts; Charge circuitry safety loop to prevent scooter operation while charging; Battey charging is enabled when coasting downhill; Over-voltage protection, 50 Amp breaker-type fuse
•Battery: 24 Volt, 20 Amp/hr, sealed lead acid gel-cell battery
•Charging Systems: High efficiency 300 milliAmp solar panel charger (built into deck); Overnight 1.5 Amp wall outlet (120/200 VAC) charger (included); 3-5 hour 4.0 Amp wall outlet (120/220 VAC) rapid charger (optional)
•Folded Dimensions: 19" H x 16" W x 47.5" L
•Weight: MiniSport-75 lbs. total curb weight, 46 lbs. (w/o battery and rack/cowling assembly);
SS2000-79 lbs. total curb weight, 49 lbs. (w/a battery and rack/cowling assembly); Battery-27.5 lbs.
•Turning Radius: 41"
•Wheel Base Lenth: 32"
•Seat to Floor Height: 31"
•Ground Clearance: 3"
•Tires: Three 10.5" pneumatic
•One year warranty on parts for manufacturing defects, 90 day replacement warranty on battery and labor
•Color options: Cobalt Blue (metallic), Royal Red (metallic), Snowy White or Raven Black"

This scooter was bought for my mothers husband back in 2000 by my brothers and I.
Pa, didn't like the way the leaning front part of the frame worked and locked it up. He also bought a dual rear wheel set-up from the factory and it has dual rear wheels now.(5 tires total)
After they gave it to me last fall I bought a new battery set and now want to change the front end a bit, (chopped and tilted a bit back at top and forward at bottem side).
What I'd really like is some more power and speed!!!!

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Re: O.E.M. Solar Scooter

Welcome to our V is for Voltage Community, your Solar Scooter is really fantastic, and thanks for sharing the pictures.
To generate additional replies to your question about speed, we may need to move it or a copy to a different Forum. Your post is in the correct location so there is no problem there, but since you had a question we're trying to get you some answers.

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Re: O.E.M. Solar Scooter

Yea its a pretty neat machine, but a little towards an older person type for my youthful ways and attitude. ;) (reason for wanting it chopped out, ;) )
"since you had a question"
Nope, I didn't ask anything. Just thinking with my fingers, Yes, I would like more power and speed, lets see, speed = power, and
power = voltage, so up the volts and see when the controller cooks.
(a question, does anybody know how far this controller can go up in volts?) :?
I really don't think that any gearing changes would make a difference on this.
"24V permanent magnet DC electric motor", this is a half HP if I remember right, makes the 300 Watt scooter motor I have look small! I know a Etek or something would really rock this baby but, it would need larger tires and suspension.
The PV panel out of this thing is great, 24V@300mA=7.2 Watts, but makes my 12V 10Watt panels look sad!!! :P
I know a weight savings could help but I'm really not looking to spend very much time on this one, in fact its lucky I haven't parted it out and used the drive train for my 07 three wheeler bike with a very light AL frame! }:)
Thats the one I should be thinking about! Has large enough wheels and a lot of room for stuff, but I haven't figured out a drive freewheel system yet, (darn bike got put into new shed very early on and now has piles of stuff so high and deep I can't even see it!) :sick:
Soon I'll have my other shed/shop finished and will be moving a lot of stuff back into it and hope to find this un-ridden bike and finally look over the way its chains are set up.
(I have a MY1020?, 300 watt motor, a 24VDC servo motor about same size also a 12VDC Pump motor thats also about the same size and has great power. Heck, I even have a treadmill motor thats 120 VDC and 2 or 3 HP.)

Heck yes I'd take any thoughts or advice about either one!!!!
Thanks again!

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Re: O.E.M. Solar Scooter

Hi johnnyfoos,
Nice scooter!!!!!!!!!
I like its appearance but I am not sure about its battery because as per my opinion it is very difficult to recharge battery time to time. That is the main reason why I prefer an electronic bike and also bought that just before 2 months.

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Re: O.E.M. Solar Scooter

How much did this cost and what is the name of the manufacturer??

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Re: O.E.M. Solar Scooter

You are replying to a 9 year old post! That .3 amp solar panel would take a week of sunny days to charge the battery.

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