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First I would like to thank all of our members with a special thanks to all those who have contributed to our EV DownLoad Library.

I have received the latest files to be uploaded to the EV DownLoad Library however, I have been having problems with the off site host we have been using. This is not the first time we have had problems with this site so I just created a new web site on a new domain which I now own. It should available within 24 hours for this post. As soon as it is, I will be moving all of the EV DownLoad Library to my domain.

I will also make sure that our Board Moderator has the login and password for this site as we do NOT want to create a single point of failure. We at V is for Voltage all share responsibility for the welfare of our community. By doing this no one person has any "keys" to themselves.

If anyone has any additional manuals, specification documents, wiring diagrams, or any other data you would like posted to our EV DownLoad Library please send them to either of the following email address:


An address will also be added to the EV DownLoad Library for members to use when sending files in the future.

Thank you all for your patience,
V is for Voltage
Moderator Capitan


Chas S.
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Re: Uploading to the EV Download Page

Thanks for your work in this direction, ILBCNU!

It's reassuring to all to know that the eggs are not all in one basket.

As a new member of the Moderator Team, I can assure all that we all have learned from lessons past and we appreciate your efforts to insure the site's good future.


Moderators are volunteer members of our community who help keep V is for Voltage Forums running smoothly, and answer support questions.



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