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File Share Recently Moved

For the convenience of our Members and Guest, occasionally, we post a File we wish to share as soon as we receive it. The location is only temporary until our Moderator Captain ILBCNU can check them out, and make them presentable before adding them to his growing [node:399], after which the temporary file is removed from there temporary location.
The following Files have been moved to the [node:399].
BattEQ™ Charge Balancing for Battery Strings
BattEQ BEQ4x12Vx50 Installation Manual and the contents of files/BattEQ_BEQ4x12Vx50_Installation_Manual1305 have been moved to our

Here is a peek at what's currently on the shelves of our [node:399] right now.

E-bike Law

16 CFR Part 1512 Requirements for Low-Speed Electric Bicycle

Federal Ebike Law

BugE™ Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

BugE™ Owners Manual

Ebike and Scooter Catalogs

2007 IZIP Hybrid Electric Bicycle and Scooter Catalog

ALLTRAX Controllers

ALLTRAX AXE Mini Manual Includes Installation Guide

ALLTRAX AXE Series Controller Operators Manual

ALLTRAX Controller 1204 Heatsink Mounting Drawing

ALLTRAX AXE Motor Controller Software for PC (Download in ZIP format)

ALLTRAX AXE Series Motor Control Wiring with Plug Brake

ALLTRAX Controllers for DC Series Motors (Models AXE-2434 thru AXE-7245)

Renewable Energy Articles

Article - Avoiding Passive Solar Design Blunders

Article - Cool Cities Guide (Solving Global Warming One City at a Time)

Article - Creating a Brighter Future (Grid-tie Solar)

Article - Get Energy Smart (Insulation Options)

Article - Intro to Hydropower

Article - Microhydro-Electric Systems Simplified

Article - Solar Future

Article - Solar Hot Water Simplified

Article - Solar Scooter Plans

Article - Solar-Electric Systems Simplified

Article - Used Electric Vehicles Buyers Guide

Article - VECTRIX Fuel Cell Hybrid

Article - Wind Turbine Buyers Guide

Article - Wind-Electric Systems Simplified

Battery Information

AA Portable Power Corp. MiMH - D10000 Cells Specifications Rev 3

A123Systems ANR26650M1 Battery Specifications (High Power Lithium Ion)

Techinal manual VRLA Batteries (Gel and VGM)

B & B Battery Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery (VRLA Battery)

B & B Lead Acid Battery EB12-12 Specifications

B & B Lead Acid Battery EB20-12 Specifications

B & B Lead Acid Battery EB50-12 Specifications

B & B Lead Acid Battery EVP12-12 Specifications

B & B Lead Acid Battery HR15-12 Specifications

Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Pulse Generator

Characteristics of Silicone Batteries (xls)

BattEQ™, by SmartSpark Energy Systems

BattEQ™ Charge Balancing for Battery Strings

BattEQ™ LA-50-12V-4 Installation Manual

BionX Installation Guide

BionX Installation Guide

Wiring Diagrams

Contactor Double Reversing

Contactor Double Reversing Showing Current Flow

Contactor Wiring Schematic for Reversing PM Motors.

Contactor Wiring Schematic for Reversing Series Motor.

Crystalyte Information

Crystalyte Owners Manual

Crystalyte Hub Motor Kit Home Assembly Guide

EV Meter Information

DrainBrain Manual 2006 - High Amp Version

DrainBrain Manual 2006 - Standard Version

User Manual for Feigao Power Analyzer

eGO Information

eGO Owners Manual

e-amx Manuals and Diagrams

e-max battery wiring

e-max Circuit Diagram 1

e-max Circuit Diagram 2

e-max Circuit Diagram 3

e-max Circuit Diagram 4

e-max Complete Circuit Diagram

e-max Disassembling Assembling Manual

eMax Manual Index

e-max Trouble Shooting

Schematics and Diagrams

EV Wiring Schematic

EV Wiring Schematic with Regen System.

EVT-4000 Manuals

EVT-4000e Specifications

EVT-4000e Maintenance Manual

LECTRA VR24 Information

LECTRA VR24 (Model 1999)

LECTRA VR24 schematic1 page 1

LECTRA VR24 schematic1 page 2

LECTRA Wiring Details (.xls)

DC to DC Converters

Lucent JW030C1-M DC-DC Power Module Data Sheet (36vdc to 75vdc input @ 30-watts)

Wiring Diagram - JW030C1-M DC-DC Power Module

Optibike Information

Optibike 400 Specifications

Optibike 400t Specifications

Optibike 600t Specifications

Oxygen Information

Oxygen LEPTON Owners Manual

Motor Manuals and Diagrams

PMG 80 Motor Brochure

Topmotorx Manuals and Diagrams

Topmotorx Specifications (ZP 1500/2000)

Topmotorx ZP 1500/2000 Owners Manual Service Record

Topmotorx ZP 1500/2000 Parts Breakdown

X-Treme Manuals and Diagrams

X-Treme User Manual Model:X-560

XM-2000 Manuals and Diagrams

Operation and Maintenance Instructions

Zapino Manuals and Diagrams

Operation and Maintenance Instructions


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