What Happen To My Screen?

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What Happen To My Screen?

:O :? :jawdrop: :(
What happen to my screen, did I have a bad night or what?
Well we can only answer one of those questions, we are working with the default view, trying to improve it. There have been several problems reported with current default Garland Theme, and we are trying to correct them.
So we ask you to just be patient, and don't go and start changing things, you may get locked out. All views won't allow you to login properly, because it is either hidden or under something.
Currently about 78 of us are currently using another theme other than the default garland, and those options will probably soon be eliminated.
So if this doesn't answer your question, you probably had a bad night.
BTW, if you use IE 7, Internet Explorer and are experiencing problems we'd like to know about it also. Just add your problem or problems to the comments.

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