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I have most of the wiring figured out for my rear lights. Now, how do I wire the brake lights, when I apply my brakes will my turn signal not flash. For me the easy way would be to just run a third light for my brake light. It looks to me that automotive flasher, has 2 prongs, should be run like this, does it over ride the brake signal and keep just one of the lights flashing, will both lights flash if I hit the brakes?

Anyone know the proper wiring diagram to do this?



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Since you have a question, we posted a duplicate in Accessories simple wiring help brake lights, running lights, turn signal were your question might get more replies, than in your Blog. Hope this was ok with you?

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Thanks Stleride,

Always fine by me. I am just starting to get this forum figured out. Not very computer literate when it comes to online happenings. I'm learning.

Thanks again,



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