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Forks came,
Five inches taller than either of my stock forks


Forks have a good 2" of sag, so let's call it 3" taller than stock. I had changed Mr. Bidwells' design during the welding up of this frame, I made the bottom of the head tube 1" higher than Mr. Bidwell designed. My rear shock mount, can't see it from here because the brake cable is hiding it, is a hole 1 1/4' farther back from the seat tube to locate the rear shock further back, I put that towel there to hide the reflector, yaa, I'm a genius, see my reflector. Locating the rear shock in that rearward hole 1 1/4" farther back will increase the rear wheel height exactly 2 1/2", putting the whole bike up where Mr. Bidwell specified.


Mr. Bidwell specified in the plans I purchased a clearance for the bottom of battery pack of 10.13" to the ground. I am at 8 1/2" now. Should be real close now.

What does a 20mm front axle look like?


The axle is over 3/4 of an inch thick. This is motorcycle stuff. If this fork works out good, I will register this as a moped or a motorcycle. Will have to work on the lighting system, before that is possible.


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