Electric bicycle touring in Ireland

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Wow! GoEco is an electric bicycle dealer in Ireland (they say they're the only such) who is selling some wild looking trailers, and offering electric bicycle support for trekking around Ireland. Very tempting looking. - technorati: FHFZ84SC3QBA

They call these "midget bicycle campers". It's a cargo trailer that looks well built which can comes along with a tent. They also have a picture of a tent that appears to be built onto a camping cot.


Hi David,

if we get the weather this year (last 2 years was like wet season in Thailand!!), then this could be a great holiday.

These guys featured on Dragon's Den here and were ran out of town but that's because the judges are one-trick ponies and not widely experienced entrepreneurs like in the UK's Dragon's Den.

I have been planning something similar and the reality is its quite feasible. I think GoEco's prices were very saucy however. I remember a €1500 figure being bandied about.

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