Popular science and Portland

See this is why I love Oregon ;)
Portland was ranked #1 for America's greenest city


"The PopSci folks looked at electricity use, transportation habits, "green" living, and recycling habits".
"It says half its power comes from renewable sources, a quarter of the workforce commutes by bike, carpool or public transportation. And it has 35 buildings certified by the U.S. Green Building Council".

I am suprised that San Francisco ranked number 2 on the list!

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I'm not sure how "scientific" Popular Science's survey was.

I assume the "renewable electricity" is just a consequence of Portland being near those big hydropower dams on the Columbia river.

By that measure, Buffalo, New York, would also be a green city because of all the hydropower from Niagara Falls.

And the 25% commuting by bike, carpool and public transit may be impressive compared to your neighboring states to the south and north, but not by Northeast standards. About 60% of the downtown workers in my home town (Pittsburgh) use public transit, and the number is probably higher in Philly. In New York City, it is the only way people get around, many people don't bother with owning a car at all.

Well--I guess it depends on how competently you do your "green budget" accounting. As just one case in point, the Portland city council has decided for us and the marketplace (after virtually no responsible or analytical course of study) that we'd all be better off if farmers grew at least some of our fuel. To that end, the city of Portland, Oregon has entered into fuel growing contracts with corn growers and passed law requiring citizens to buy their product. Bizzzt, Portland, you are wrong and misguided and wasting the good citizenry's liberty, freedom, and money again:


See this is why I hate Oregon--or at least Portland.

Of course I'm still stinging from the superfund amusement park style tram ride they installed to Oregon Health Sciences University and several years of 1.25% Portland personal income tax.

This (l/L)ibertarian is outta' here, (Portland) ASAP!

Well guess everyone has their own opinion, ehem :)

Yes--we Libertarians (or even small 'l' libertarians) are only about 2% of the U.S. population. Thanks for politely listening. There are always many opinions on how to meet the energy and sustainability challenges ahead!

calinb wrote

Thanks for politely listening. There are always many opinions on how to meet the energy and sustainability challenges ahead!

Well ya know this is a free country and we are here to do and think and as we please,
(as long as it's within reason and within the laws of the country of course!)
Not everyone is going to like one state or one city blah blah.
I just happen to love Portland because it's very laid back compared to where I am originally from (Bay Area).
Thanks for not bashing me for it! hehehe ;)

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