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Well it's been about 3 weeks, and I haven't touched the bike for about 2 of the three. I finally had to stop neglecting all the other things I should be doing, so the bike has been back burnered for a while. I have completed the fabrication of the battery rack. Final welding still needs to be done.
I have located most of the components and completed the preliminary wiring. I still need to wire the battery charging circuit and the PakTracr needs to be wired.
If you look close, you can see the fuse holder, contactor and controller. I have left the option open to run the 7th battery under the tank. This will be a plug and play additional battery. Two connectors will plug in to the main battery string and charging circuit. For now, the 7th battery will not be tied into the Pak Trakr.
The DC-DC converter is in the factory battery location, under this aluminum plate
Here is the throttle and the other side otf the 7th battery.
All this stuff still fits inside the bodywork pretty well.
Next I need to double check the primary wiring, and do a power up and test. Then I will finish integrating the factory bike wiring to the controls and such. I will also be adding some HDPE sheet between all the batterys and mounting points as taught by "fire is BAD". Thanks for sharing that one!
I hope to power it up this weekend. I hope I can get the wiring correct, and the controller to respond properly. This is my greatest weakness. My confidence is low, as well as my skill level in this area.
Andrew, Frodus & JDH!!! Where are you all at now?????
Fill us in!!

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This is my greatest weakness. My confidence is low, as well as my skill level in this area.
Andrew, Frodus & JDH!!! Where are you all at now?????
Fill us in!!

Don't confuse confidence with competence...

It looks very impressive what you have done so far!

But the laws of physics don't give a toss about your confidence....Ohms law etc will determine what sort of effect you get when you "power it up"!

So just check it twice, and have fun!

Mr. Mik

This information may be used entirely at your own risk.

There is always a way if there is no other way!

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Dude, lookin good! Are you sure those supports are going to hold those batteries? They look heavy! Do all the fairings fit?

Where am I? well, the motor is mounted (as you know) and we finished the design of the battery tray. There were some clearance issues on the fairings, so we had to move a bunch of the welds. We're using angle iron and some flat 1" strip.... and suprizingly, its light. We're going to get this one pretty much how we want it, and then the guy who's welding wants to redo it in aluminum and anodize or powdercoat it. We'll see once we get it goin.

To do:
- Build myself a controller (we have the bar boards and components, just need to get soldering). its designed, just needs assembly.
- figure out the wiring in the wiring harness and get the engine on/off switch working so I have a way to cut it off. I might spring load it. Also get rid of the magura and use a hall effect in the original throttle grip.
- mount the contactor
- make battery cables when the welder is finished with finalizing the welds on the battery pack. We made it removeable so we can just use a jack to lower it and essentially life the bike off it. This allows us to work on a table on the battery pack, as well as have an extra made for another pack for maybe...some trips to the local drag strip? Can you say "quick disconnect" :)
- cut the bottom of the gas tank out
- fabricate something to mount the controller/charger and aux electronics to under the gas tank.

And while its a ways off from being legal, once its "running", I'll work on designing a board to drive the LED turn signals, brake lights and the headlights (might set up to drive one at a time for using less power). That way you can PWM everything if you want.... you can actually DIM your lights/headlight.

On a side note: I got the titles for both my bikes yesterday!

If you need some help on wiring and stuff, let me know. I can maybe draw a schematic for you or help read the one for your controller.


Travis Gintz
1986 Honda VFR Conversion

This looks amazing!
I am in the process of getting a cbr 900 frame for a conversion. I am very excited. Please keep the news coming as I think I will follow your build very closely.

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This has been fun, but VERY trying. I thought I would be cruzing around on it by now, but I have had trouble finding the time to work on it. I did go for a VERY short test ride the other day. I only went up the street and back. It was fun, But I discovered my battery pack had week batts. Still, it was fun and encouraging. The cool thing was that I was able to test the handling. It corners very well, and rides nice. Even with 6 65AH batteries, I am not exceeding the max design weight capacity of the chassis.
The 900 CBR chassis will work well. The frame is larger than mine, but not that much heavier. The more room the better for lead acid batteries.
I have an excell spread sheet of the break down of the parts,vendors and prices. If you are interested, I can send it to you.
I hope to have some more to post soon.

5 years ago I met Jesus and he total ruined my life. I have never been happier.

Thanks mike, But I had to let the frame go.

I was having a hard time getting insurance in canada. so my new plan is to get a bike that if it was untouched would be easy on insurance and then EV it without telling anyone. But the insurance on a untouched CBR900 was way to high for me in the long run.

But I am still going to be watching you closely, if for nothing else but for what could have been.


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