EVT 345 (three-wheeler scooter)

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EVT 345 (three-wheeler scooter)

As noted here: http://visforvoltage.org/forum/4583-green-rides-campbell-ca

I took the EVT three wheeler around the block a few times..

It has two hub motors, one on each rear wheel, with an independent controller for each motor. The body is an EVT 4000 and the motors are mounted on a dual swingarm and each rear wheel swings independently. The brake levers have latches so you can lock the lever in place -- this is important because with three wheels there's no kick stand and you need some way to lock the bike in place such as if you're on a hill.

There's a toggle switch just above the ignition which switches the vehicle into reverse. While in reverse there's a beep-beep sound that's probably required as a backup alarm. Reverse works pretty well. I was a little surprised the reverse switch wasn't on the handlebar.

Like the other EVT's there's an economy/power mode switch on the handlebar. I didn't spend any time with it in economy mode, and in power mode this scooter is very zippy with great pickup. Of course it has two rear motors and apparently the EVT motor is improved over the one I have. (My EVT 4000 is a 2002 model and there have been 1-2 generations of EVT motor improvements since then)

As an aside.. apparently EVT motors are still brushed (someone had told me the 2007 models and forward were brushless?) but that they're easier to work on now. That's good given the trouble it is to clean out the old EVT hub motor design ... ;-)

It has floorboards kinda like running boards .. but .. for some reason I'm really well trained to put my feet on the ground when stopped, because at every stop my feet went to the ground even though it's a three wheeler and that's not needed. Sigh.

On curves it held the turn pretty well and didn't feel unstable. On the other hand it's limited to 30 miles/hr.

I had two disappointments with the design. First, the speed, at 30 miles/hr, well.. 'nuff said about that, it's an okay speed but there's a slippery slope of wanting MORE. Second is the design decision to reuse the existing body shape.

I think about three wheeler design a lot and it seems to me there's an opportunity to put a big cargo area between the rear wheels. But EVT didn't do this. It's possible the battery box is bigger and if so that's cool. But for a scooter to do a great job displacing a car it has to have good cargo capability.. I have a "four bags of groceries" benchmark. There's enough room to mount some saddlebags and a trunk, of course. But the maker could have made a design that made better use of the space.

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Re: EVT 345 (three-wheeler scooter)

I have now owned this bike for about 1 month and I have about 200 miles on the bike according to the odometer (160 mile approx real world).

So far the only issues I have had with the bike are that both of the mirrors have come loose, nothing a quick tighten didn't take care of. During this time I have put about $2.80 worth of electricity into the bike.

The bike handles fairly well, although it would have been nice to have slightly larger wheels as the 10" wheels feel every imperfection in the road. The bike is very stable and I have never as yet had the feeling that it would tip over. I have felt the bike sag into a corner if I push if fairly hard.

The speed limiter for cornering is probably a bit too aggressive as it will not allow full power unless you are going fairly straight. The only other item worth noting is that if you give it full throttle when you are not quite completed with the turn, the front tire will tend to wash out. If you lean forward a bit and get more weight on the front tire then this problem reduces dramatically.

As mentioned above, I was a bit disappointed that there was little to no storage area under the seat. I have added a storage box that holds probably 2 small bags of groceries or a full face helmet.

The only other comment to mention is that there doesn't seem to be a day that I ride that bike that I don't have to stop and talk to someone about it. It is always getting looks where ever I park it.

All in all, I am still quite pleased with this bike...a little more speed would be nice.

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Re: EVT 345 (three-wheeler scooter)

hi. any chance to have an update review? i'm planning to buy the trike, but my problem is the fact that i'm thinking about a daily use of 34km (21 miles. 17 into the city, 17 out...), and almost no hills on route. is the new type of batteries (lithium) better than the older one? thanks!

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Re: EVT 345 (three-wheeler scooter)

As requested an updated review.

The bike now has about 600 miles on it and everything is pretty good.

The firm ride that the bike had a first has softened a bit as the shocks and other suspension pieces have broken in. Now feels pretty reasonable.

All of the batteries still seem to be balanced to within 10mV of each other. The range on the bike is still about 22miles in economy mode(22-24MPH max) and only about 13-14 miles in power mode (32MPH max). I ride it in power mode most of the time. I think the power mode range may be somewhat effected by the coolish weather. I think the LifePo4 batteries would probably be better in cooler weather since I understand they handle the cold better.

All in all still a very good ride. Still wish it could go a little bit faster. Top speed is still about 32MPH.


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Re: EVT 345 (three-wheeler scooter)

Hi my father uses one of these to get around as he has limited mobility. However the OH light has come on and there is a funny light sequence on start up which I assume must be diagnostic.

Have you ever seen something similar? I made a video of the lights here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGfDA-2hwz4

Its definately not Over heating as it happens from cold without movement and nothing is hot to the touch.

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