Hi all. I am trying to wire my horn & lights direct to a 12v 7h battery.

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Hi all. I am trying to wire my horn & lights direct to a 12v 7h battery.

Hi, I have been into scoots for awhile now and need a little help with wiring direct my lights and horn to a 12v 7ah battery I have fried 2 converters and I have a 60v battery system. One converter worked ok from EVParts until I added the other battery, just wasn't thinking 13.8v was only thinking 12v x 5=60. Then ordered a so called 72v converter from Thunderstruck and when I pulled the sticker back it had read the same as the 1st one I fried 30-60, but was lasered printed w/ 72v?; called and asked about it and was told don't worry it will work. I said if it fries I want my money back, he said yea no prob. I had it at a automotive electrician they hooked up and it fried...My delemia is I am out of work and can't afford any more burning of money I don't have and can't afford the $90.00 for a real 72v converter! I don't know what scooter I have it's not named! The wires going into the converter from the scooter are 1 red, 1 black and one green w/red strip. Then the converter was wired w/ 1 red, 1 black and one yellow. So here is my question: what the hell is the green w/ red stripe for? (My guess is the horn). Can someone please help me and tell me just how to wire this setup; (toggle + lights and horn to 12v 7ah battery) up correctly without fring anything else?
I would appreciate any help you can offer me here please!
Thanks a lot,

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Re: Hi all. I am trying to wire my horn & lights direct to a ...

I may not have the color code help, but do have a question. Is the output side tested for shorts? If the other converter fried that easily, sounds like something on the 12V side might be faulty. Just another puzzle piece to check.

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