Questions on using diagnostic software

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Questions on using diagnostic software


1) Am I using the correct version for a VX-3? I would guess it would be what ever is best for a VX-1 Li.


2) I got green connection and status lights and some live data (such as MC volts) but X.XXX for all the cell voltages on the BMS page. Why would this be? Might I have the wrong BMS.hex file loaded?


Here is the files I am using. Is there any way to save the existing file '003316-03-BMS24withbootloader.hex' or get a copy of it in case it is a better choice then anything else I try? I am concerned since there do not seem to be that many VX-3s out there and this was a test bike that there might be some reason for this file. What BMS.hex file should I try?


Thank you in advance for any help and suggestions,


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Re: Questions on using diagnostic software

I got my copy of the software here:

It's a year newer than your copy, I think it's version, I have to reboot the computer from OS X to Win7 to see, so we'll go with this number.

You can also get the Lithium firmware there if your bike is out of date. Mine is NiMH, so I have not tried the HEX files.


I also own a 2018 Tesla Model 3 and a 2012 Mitsubishi iMiev

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