Vectrix Repair ?

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Vectrix Repair ?

My 2007 has begun acting off. When fully charged (according to indicators) I can ride about 50 yards or less until the guages show zero power left. Suddenly nothing gradual about it. I live in North Carolina, anyone recommend somewhere to get it fixed or analyzed ? Was operating fine since my purchase (roughly 18 months) then began this. Apparently it is not really charging fully but rather barely although that does not tell me the problem. Roughly 5k miles on the batteries.
Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Vectrix Repair ?

Is it NiMh or Lithium battery?

What is the battery voltage and temperature shown on the gauge at the end of a full charge, and do you know what the battery voltage is reading when the gauges show zero power left?
Depending on firmware installed, you may be able to read the battery voltage by turning off the kill switch and holding the left brake lever.

This is not necessary with the laird's firmware as it continually displays the voltage in place of the Estimated Range.

If you are unable to see a voltage reading on the display when the gauges show zero power left, if you have the silver ESD charger you should be able to easily check the voltage using a digital voltmeter instead.
Check out this post for more details.

I suspect the problem will either be one or more weak cells in the battery or the battery temperature sensors.

The voltage readings may help to locate the cause.


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