Looking for a CAN-Bus USB Cable

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Looking for a CAN-Bus USB Cable

Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for a CAN-Bus USB Cable for my Vectrix VX-1.
Do I really need to get the one from Vectrixparts http://shop.vectrixparts.com/pcan-usb-ipeh-21e.html or can I use others.
Does anyone have one to sell?

Thanks for your feedback.

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Re: Looking for a CAN-Bus USB Cable

Yes, you really need this expensive cable. The Vectrix Diag Soft does not work with all the cheap cables...
The cable vectrixparts sells is from peak system and you can buy it directly from them, its cheaper there:
or you can buy it from gridconnect, its also the same cable:
I never heard of any other source for a cable working with the vectrix diag soft, besides used ones.
You do NOT need the version with optical isolation.

Just see you are from switzerland. Maybe you can find someone from switzerland who can borrow you a can cable... Maybe you should also aks in german vectrix forum:
If you want to buy i think for switzerland the cheapest is the one from Peak.

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