CANbus adapter

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CANbus adapter

I found and bought a used CANBUS adapter on eBay ($129)
The seller has some more of them.

It appears to be a PCAN-USB (IPEH-002021), but the unit has no markings or labels.

I loaded the drivers from the Peak website on my Win7 laptop.
When I plug in the adapter, the software recognizes it and the red LED lights.
In the control panel, the PEAK software recognizes the adapter and shows a firmware version of 4.2

And ScooterDiag seems to connect to it, since the LED starts blinking when ScooterDiag starts up.

So far I have not connected it to my bike, but I need to get a Female-Female adapter cable.

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Re: CANbus adapter

The cable required is just a simple Female to Female straight cable and does not need to be terminated.

Do not use a Null Modem cable, as it must be straight through connections:

Something like this female to female 9 pin serial straight lead should work fine.


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Re: CANbus adapter

Thank You Alan, I built a cable as per the diagram and connected it up and presto - CAN Bus active!

I checked the electrical continuity from the USB connector to the CAN bus connections and determined it is the non-isolated type adapter, as I suspected.

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Re: CANbus adapter

Hi Kevin_PA,

Hi I'm the beginner for VX-1. Thank you for sharing the ebay link, finally got my hand on CANBUS now.

But can I ask you where you get the computer software?

Just can't find it or I miss looking somewhere.

If you can give me a little help, I'll be very grateful.


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Re: CANbus adapter


I saw your post about CANBus adapters. Are you saying that you just need a cable and no adapter?


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