Vectrix Chargers blows mains fuse

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Vectrix Chargers blows mains fuse

HI together,
beside my "main Vectrix" i have an VX-1 Li+ which i bought as "broken". Mainly the Batteries were deeply discharged, so i put in the batterie pack from my main vectrix. It works, but if i try to charge the mains fuse from my garge blows.
The Charger is a golden Runke charger.

Did anyone had this problem before and can give me a hint how to fix this?


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Re: Vectrix Chargers blows mains fuse

These old chargers are quite heavy and so i just bought a variable DC supply. It's not that expensive and ther charge current naturally rolls off when close to top.

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Re: Vectrix Chargers blows mains fuse

I'm afraid it's a blown charger and you will need a new one. However, I seem to remember that someone somewhere on this forum managed to get one repaired by an electronics whizz...

You can get new ones from but there are plenty of potential non-running donors out there...

Regards, Martin Winlow
Isle of Colonsay, Scotland

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