Help with boosting a little-ion charger

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Help with boosting a little-ion charger

Hi all I just bought a used hoverboard on an auction site but the charger supplied is wrong. It is 5v. The board needs a 36v charger rated at 42v 2a. I went through my chargers and found one that has a label with different voltages and 29 v at 2 amps checked off. So I opened it thinking there was a pot in it that I could turn to get the desired voltage. But it does not. The electronics board on the charger has ktj7225b on it. Is there anything I can do to uptrend voltage to 42v . Someone on a Russian site said to change the tl431 zener diode . I have uploaded the pictures of the charger.20210223_201502.jpg20210223_201438.jpg20210223_201334.jpg

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Re: Help with boosting a little-ion charger

Three, ordinary low-amp 12V lead-acid chargers connected in series might work? I presume the hoverboard has an internal BMS?

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Re: Help with boosting a little-ion charger

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